Post Lockdown #2

Well here we are the end of September 2021 and there are still a lot of restrictions in place thanks to the Pandemic which is CoVid-19 / Corona virus that hit the World at the beginning of 2020.

Thankfully we can get out of the house, county and to some of the so called “green” countries but unfortunately as yet the World is still not open to all to travel to or from.

I suppose we should be grateful for the Internet and that we can talk to each other via various Internet platforms such as Skype and Zoom and of course we have access to email for those that do not have access to any video style platforms.

We can all start to look forward to 2022 and tentatively make plans to visit outside of our home countries. For my part I wish to make a return to Airbus Defence & Space, located in Sevilla, Espana. There are other “irons in fires” but they are still in the thought process 🙂

Fingers crossed for all of us