Coming soon!

Just to update you all;  I will continue with the retrospective look at my Adventures as well as updating you with my current adventures.

In mid-February (2020) I was fortunate enough to re-visit Airbus Defence & Space at San Pablo Sur, Sevilla, España, there will not be a blog forthcoming for that visit.

Corona Virus / CoVid-19 update; March 21st 2020

ALL of the items that I listed were all cancelled including my trip with Paul to the USA as was RIAT. Other shows cancelled included Farnborough and a host of other events around the World.  

Obviously it is disappointing but understandable given that we are now in a pandemic situation with regard to the virus and the majority of places are either locked down or on the verge of being so. 

Looking to 2021, it is as I type not looking too favourable given that we have just entered the last week of December 2020 and most of the U.K. is in a form of lockdown of one sort or another. The continued uncertaintity of Brexit still looms even with just 7 days to go (as I type) and travel to / from Europe may become slightly more difficult that it currently is, added to which most airlines are already insisting that passenger will HAVE to have had the CoVid-19 vaccine before they can fly! So we will see what 2021 brings ……….. 

The Salon de Paris, was cancelled a couple of weeks ago, however there is still “thought” that Bastille Day on July 14th will indeed go ahead as the whole experience takes place out in the open, RIAT is set for three days, 16th – 18th July. Other than that we have no updates and or confirmed dates.  

I’m hopeful there will be other Addo’s Aviation Adventures during the year and I will try and keep you updated before they come to fruition